Recent Work | Kristen


The other day I had a quick shoot with Kristen. She’s thinking about getting into modelling and wanted to have a few photos taken so she can start putting together a portfolio.

Now – I’m not a fashion photographer! As a portrait photographer I do pay vague attention to the fashion world and surprisingly (despite appearances – you’ll usually find me in a scruffy pair of jeans and a T if I can get away with it!) tend to have a fairly good idea of current trends. But when I make an image I’m far more interested in the people in my photos than the clothes they’re wearing and to be a fashion photographer you have to LOVE fashion – and I love people – that’s why I’m a people photographer!

However for Kristen, who’s just starting out and yet to really work out what area of modelling she wants to get into, a few clean and simple portraits were a perfect way to get the ball rolling and show people what she really looks like. Time was tight, we only had an hour and particularly when you’re new to being photographed it always takes time to warm up and really get into it, but Kristen was great and we went through a few looks in quick succession. These were the results!



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